Charlie #1

Real name: Miles. But he played Charlie Swan in that one Twilight movie.

Charlie #2 (aka Katniss, aka FUCKING BITCH)

Real name: Charlie. She’s a fucking bitch.

Ziptie Boyfriend

Real name: Nate. So far his only purpose is an uncomfortably forced love interest. People like ziptying him to things.


Real name: Maggie. She tried to poison herself for some reason. Doesn’t matter now because she’s dead.

Baby No Sleeves

Real name: Danny. Asthmatic. Only real likable character. At one point his sleeves get cut off for no discernible reason. 


Real name: Zac (maybe?). Token fat guy in the post-apocalyptic world (see: Lost).

Magic Mirror

Real name: General Tim. He hits people and he was the magic mirror/genie in OUAT.

Sebastian Moran

Real name: Sebastian Monroe. Evil dictator/war lord.

Leutinant Lucifer

Real name: Unknown. Might actually be dead. Only notable because he’s from Supernatural.

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